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Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

Philippines-sexpats wall of shame Guenther Vomberg

Philippines-sexpats wall of shame Guenther Vomberg

Guenther Vomberg “aka” Stranded Shipscook from Balamban Cebu Philippines Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg works for the Philippines Government? A joke folks! A big one! A lie that not many has the audacity to claim publicly!But Guenther did have, because he needs to look important so he can easily scam newbies and naive members in the forum where is considered one of the most important  members, the top poster of the year! 

Expats living in the Philippines, you owe it to yourself to know that this story is about your protection from schemers and thieves that will set you up on a forum to lure you in those “get rich overnight” investment scams. Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

The forum belongs to a certain Paul Petrea, that he has now fled to Cambodia and if is not a danger for you, the successors he trained and run his forum are experts, in subtle – feathered and almost not “see it coming” scams. Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

One of them is Guenther Vomberg, we advise you to stay away; No one knows where he’s really coming from, a strange behavior and an unexplained dedication to Paul Petrea’s forum. We have traced Guenther to other forums but he didn’t’ stay long, probably too orderly for him, providing real help and useful information to expats, but no scams. Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

Expat, don’t  believe a single word of what he’s telling on the forums, the whole world is making fun of him wearing this uniform that is just a volunteer civic service organization having nothing to do with the government and the Philippines Armed Forces .Again is a joke!….

Let’s get started… Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

eah, I know. Not nice words on Guenther isn’t? Well, not really. I gave him a good opportunity to clean up his record and join the expat community living in good standing in Cebu, which is not always the one he thinks it is, where the majority of the Expats belong, but apparently he didn’t make it, preferring instead a comeback to his natural habitat,the place where he “received the light” where bad men become worse, where good men after a while will make a pee on the forum pages and say good-by.

      Welcome back  to the living in Cebu Forums Guenther! 

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

Readers, Supporters haters opponents,insulters and the like, all welcome to a new edition of our blog with a new hero that has rejoined the zeros, where he actually belongs. Friends, be prepared to meet a new breed of expat, someone extremely clever in self-image building, master in dissimulating his whence came, capable for a “perfect crime” and get away with it. True? Almost.

Because usually, this kind of expats you don’t find them in forums like this, in fact, you don’t find them in the forums at all, exception made some professional, specialized boards where in addition to a double password they will provide you with they will examine your teeth as well before granting admission.

Besides, those illuminatis talk very slow, very little, following the golden rule “Parlons peu mais parlons bien” as opposed  to Guenther’s  diarrhea in posting in the forums. Look at his profile. 6500 and counting in a little more than a year of presence, that is from his introduction in December 2010 until February 2012 when I forced him into exile. He came back to the forum May 17th 2012 and until June 3d he has already 110 posts! He missed so much his flock together the boy…

I was telling you earlier about Guenther is a different expat within the LinC forum and some of the particularities  are that he’s relatively young amongst the old farts like the”smokeys” and the”headshots” just to name a couple, unlike most of  his mates in the forum he doesn’t have income coming from abroad, no particular professional skills, all you read in his curriculum vitae  is that can’t hold a steady job.

 Handyman, Plumber, Painter Pizza and sandwiches maker, then he upgrades himself  to “executive chef” expert in grilled Steak -French fries and salad,  making him totally dependent on income generated from “business” within the Philippines. Even worst, depending on expats to sell his products, a marketing putting any business within close range  to death, Wombat cafe in Cebu been the latest example.

And that’s what the problem is. Guenther has to compromise with any expat, as perverted he can be, like a pedophile Paul Petrea his master can be, as long as he (Guenther) can secure a meager income from the relationship, hell the moral and principles. Who cares….  Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther is a very narcissistic personage, with many inferiority complexes, constantly looking for a spot in a society (Philippines) that genetically and culturally has nothing in common, yet, he said he feels more Filipino than German and ready to acquire Filipino citizenship, a move that very few expats coming from the first world have done.

To explain this I will go as fast as I can, having involvements and interests in life other than sitting on the computer day in night out venerating the Living in Cebu forum wondering what the next  honorary title Master Paul will confer to the Elite contributor Commander Guenther Vonberg.
Lets start  by formally introducing our hero of the day; I will let this task to him, as he did in his own words to his mates in the forum. Here he comes. A big round of applauds for Guenther please!…. Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Welcome to an adventurer, coming from nowhere, with less than a clear background and ideals. Guenther Vomberg  Balamban Cebu Philippines

blaming any body else for his financial and other failures including the German Taxation Administration and his ex wife, ending up in the third world where no one knows anything of his life, managed to be called “Sir”, be thanked by a bunch of sexpats in the Living in Cebu forum, the only place he’s allowed to relieve himself of the chronic diarrhea he suffers.

For us here in the blog, he’s not different than the other  sexpat’s wing of the forum, even worst, a believer in Paul Petrea that recently came to his defense in “the other forum” under a troll ID but didn’t work, as  didn’t his last attempt to open a thread  in  his turf to hang Evan, but he was quickly put to order.

No one cares about his quarrel with him and that was also one of the reasons Evan took his time before publishing the first entry on Guenther, to see his attempt failing one after the other that is. Because believe it or not Guenther, you enjoy the sympathy of very few in your place, I’ll go as far and say that I have more friends and sympathizers in the LinC forums than you!  You call me a stalker ha! I like that…

If I wasn’t, how I will clean up my wife’s and my children’s place (By the way do you have any? Wife or children?) from parasites like you that behind a uniform that we don’t see you doing  anything other than publishing pictures in bars and restaurants to feed your ego.

A piece of paper  that says “3d degree Rizalist” with a bonus of being called  SIR!, giving it the importance as it was handed to you by the Queen Elisabeth. Of course, addressing your audience in the LinC forum you can sell them smoke and mirrors by the pound,

but Evan has  a keyboard with special features on that can cleanup the smoke and bring clean air for every one to breath. It’s now time for asking some questions to Guenther 

In one of several mails and Facebook conversations we had exchanged not long ago, consisted  on your exposure of the Philippines Cost Guard to the living in Cebu forums,your personal pages on FB and others,  you said that you have done it with the their full agreement and authorization.

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Yeah? The Coastguard requested Paul’s forums to be known in the sexpats milieu of Cebu and be greeted by the scammers, drunkards and all low life migrating to Cebu daily?

To your opinion, when you made the request, did you inform them about the existence of an extensive photo gallery as the one below that at the time you started the topic were abundance of the same that got deleted after the latest blowup Evan and his friends inflicted to your Master Paul Petrea? Take a look.

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

You know who the guy is don’t you? Do you think they (CoastGuard) will agree to “promote” their virtues in a place like this? 

Let’s look at something else, very recent this one, posted to greet your comeback and remind you “Hey Guenther, nothing has changed  during  your absence  of several months due “to been busy with the opening of your 3d resto”. We’ll see later what the reason of your absence was…. 


Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Do you know the guy who posted this ? Guenther? I’m sure you do because he’s ranking the same as you. ELITE MEMBER and you the illuminattis of the L in C forum suppose to know each other. Like in any “inner circle” or “chambre de milieu” composed by smart people.. The thread was deleted to the outrage of a member but this member wasn’t you!…And just in case  you are a bit confused, I’ll be nice to put something else about Frosty. 

I’m sure you now know who’s the guy because any one can visit the topic and see that you have replied to the thread…. I know, you love to help people, including sexpats and pedophiles, so you brought your contribution to Frosty’s sexpedition to the Philippines and probably having your own sexperience in the subject you felt obligated to help a fellow ELITE MEMBER  as required by the code of honor established by your Leader.

So Guenther, What’s up? addicted to the forum? bringing an unconditional support to its pedophile owner? How you can reconcile your  appurtenance to Societies and Clubs where supposedly are making good men better with your decadence as a member of a crooked group of people? Let me ask you this:
Do you know any one of the, say, Kiwanis club member that belongs to the Living in Cebu Forums? How about in the Costal Guard? any one? And in the Knights of Rizal? Have you seen, say, Hans Shouff  in your forum? Or in any other forum? Here is how commentator described you on another blog not long ago:

“Hello. i am stopping by often but never post as interesting this blog is personally not related to these characters because i am Filipino. As an exception, the last entry on Guenther Vomberg i consider a good eye opener for your readers living abroad, myself as been an advocate against foreigners entering civic organizations in the Philippines without a strict background examination not limited to a piece of paper issued by a government mentioning absence of criminal record, but a deep and thorough examination on his motivation of joining, his moral values and inspirations something never done here.

The vouching of a sponsor (usually another foreigner) is enough to be admitted, especially in the organizations you have mentioned in your last entry.
Verifying the sources of your information on this gentleman by Googling Guenther Vomberg, did not produce any “bad thing” but not anything in line with his involvements either. Just another expat looking for a spot in our xenophobe society as you have accurately described. Yes “talking too much” in times even “screaming” in quest for recognition, as “someone important” hence the mention that he works in the Provincial Government. He is not.

In effect, he is taking any opportunity on his way to inform his friends, acquaintances, business partners and every one knows him that he is a Knight of Rizal 3d degree member. That makes him important especially within the members of the forum you named. Is just for internal consumption by uneducated, ignorant consumers that can buy anything. The order of the Knights of Rizal, is a joke, presenting itself as the heir of the greatest Filipino. This is lie.

A big lie. The so-called Knights of Rizal are more engaged in holding commemorations, all kind of social events and gatherings or promoting beauty contests, same for the Kiwanis, Rotarians and others that by means of distributing a few kilos of rice to the needy or planting some mangrove trees are proclaimed Messiahs, saviors of the Philippines.

I thing with your hero is not different. A few pictures here with other “Sir” here, or in uniform with other ‘commanders” there, helps him in selling better his pizza and French fries. As to his hoopla about the Coast Guard, i might comment another time, being close to diarrhea boundaries for today.


Feb 25

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United. Christopher Bennetts is back to the Philippines. Matt Wilkie may join him in November. Once a third world sexpat, you can’t live in the first world. Inept, worthless, all you’re good for is the a low class lifestyle. Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

That’s exactly what happened to sexpats Matt Wilkie and Christopher Bennetts.  But first, let’s stalk for a moment Chris Bennetts Facebook. He’s helping Matt Wilkie in his expertise as a SEO Guru but not that successful.

Worse, no one cares on his list of friends. We also noticed that Guenther Vomberg doesn’t participate much in likes on Chris’ FB, unlike the latest, will like every single entry Guenther posts.Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.


Further”stalking” Chris Bennetts on information about selling his book where Guenther Vomberg supposedly has translated to German we don’t really see his name on It seems Guenther keeps a very low profile there. Christopher does the introduction in German as well. Cyber Bullying -Stalking Peddlers United.

Does he speak the language? Actually, he doesn’t need. No one buys the book. But just in case we make a mistake better be ahead and try to kill the project, because is nothing else than a rip-off set up by criminals operating out of the Philippines.
Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Christopher Bennetts Matt Wilkie Guenther Vomberg brothers in hell. Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Hi, my name is Chris Bennetts and I have been a victim of a stalker for five years but I am not here to tell my story.

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Yes folks, he doesn’t want to tell his story. Because being full of holes and gaps lies, deceits, criminal activities, author of the most disgusting “porn” sites only a psychopath  would imagine. 

I am here to help other victims deal with all forms of online harassment. As a victim I do understand the impact it can have on people’s lives, but more importantly, coming from a technical background, I am also in a better position than most to provide practical advice and support. Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Christopher Bennetts hasn’t any technical background. Just a regular computer guy that all his income comes from creating, publishing and marketing vicious content web sites reserved to sexually and mentally disturbed around the world. Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.  

Yes, he’s in a better position than most because he has been a stalker not on line but on the ground. Stalking his girlfriend in Cebu with a notorious local mob of expats of his kind.  Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Feb 25

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Friends are forever. United for the best and worst, as fit. There are friends and friends, meaning true friendship, or circumstantial, forced, partnering with evil, even selling his soul to hell, often for trivial reasons, decisions made lightly that contribute to a faster drowning that the initial reason one thought will escape. At least, that’s what Guenther Vomberg thought.  Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

How he end up on Christopher’s Bennets world? In a mail sent to Evan Iliadis he said that it was for the need to defend himself against Evan’s attaques on the net. Matt Wilkie said the same thing. Same for Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas.

All of them know Christopher’s Bennetts sinister record in the Philippines and the S/E Asia in general.

Looking at their profile, statements and posts here and there I was wondering, are they really different? A forced alliance or a perfect match?

Perfect no, similarities and same motivations of migrating to the Philippines, definitely YES. Let’s repeat what Christopher Bennetts said about the expats living in the Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Philippines Escape (Chris Bennetts screen name on LICF.) Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

  • Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

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    Posted 30 September 2008 – 10:21 AM

     Christopher Bennetts said:
    “I have lived in Cebu for around 3 years and met many of the expats. There are a few good guys here but I have to say the majority are not worth knowing.
    Philippines seems to be a refuge for people running away from problems or life in general. People that can not make it back home.A while ago I made the mistake of befriending one such guy who at first seemed to be intelligent and genuine.
    I have since found out that this guy moves from one person to another leaving a trail of destruction in terms of relationships, abuse, broken promises and destroyed lives.Maybe he has no real life of his own so he likes to get into others people’s lives and mess them around just to prove he can. He thinks he is a psychologist and will tell you so.
    What he loves is to mess around in people’s heads playing mind games.If you have a girl friend he will try to take her away from you. Not because he actually wants her for himself but simply to prove to himself that he can.
    Some he will have sex with and others he will just make problems between the couple feeding them any personal information that might have been confided between two mates to cause them to break up. He even fabricates blatant lies.
    I will not talk about how he has messed around in my life and with my friends but here are some examples of how he works.There was a waitress is gecko bar when it was still just a resto–bar. She had a job and a serious Australian fiancee.
    This guy worked on her drinking at geckos every day and finally arranging to meet her at Julianos after work. Eventually they would go out more and more. He stated to teach her to binge drink.He then introduced her to shabu.
    He told me that once a girl is on that they are under his control. He made her resign her job. He told her that she would have to choose between her fiance and him. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion
    I asked him why he was making her break up with her fiancee as he had not intention of marrying her himself and he said to me that he just feels like that and can not help himself (something to that effect).
    I actually do not know the end of that story as I stopped associating with him soon after except that just a month or so later he is no longer with her and staying with a girl who he had been seeing at the same time anyway.
    He has got this new girl on Shabu also. I know this girl and I can see her whole life collapsing around her. She said to me two nights ago that she had lost everything.
    This guy also physically and mentally abuses women. When he is with a woman he controls her forbidding her to talk to other guys. The current girl has a computer and internet but he says she is not allowed to go online. G
    The above are just a couple of examples of this guy. Not even the tip of the iceberg. He is known to an increasing number of foreigners that want to see this skum deported.How to recognize him. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion
    He is Australian and 34 years old. He has lived in Cebu for around 3 years. He is around 6′ tall with fair complexion. He has ear rings.In the past he has associated more with foreigners but increasingly he drinks at local establishments and hangs with locals. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion
    He is a chronic alcoholic who if he has slept at all will starting drinking early in the morning and continue to the early hours of the morning without any break.He is also a shabu addict. One look at his left arm says it all. Lots of deep cuts requiring stitches which I am told is the tell tail sing of an addict on bad trip.
    I have not seen him for a few weeks but I am told that now he has painted his toe nails black.This combination of alcohol and drugs is making him increasingly unpredictable and violent. I have seen him first hand and heard
    Numerous stories of him switching like a Dr Jackal / Mr Hide.
    His abuse is almost always directed at women. He never fights guys.He is disliked by most bar girls around Cebu who he uses to obtain shabu. He turns on them with out warning sometimes physically abuses them for no apparent reason.

    He was living in Cebu but recently transferred to Mactan. Almost forgot to mention. He has a thing for young girls. He is always looking for slim petite young girls. I have seen him with girls as young as 14. What makes it worse is his desire not only to abuse them sexually but also corrupt them with alcohol and drugs.This is a guy to avoid and hopefully karma will come to him soon. I am adding some pics of him i have been givenAttached File  deansh1.jpg   25.63KB   85 downloadsAttached File  deansh2.jpg   29.66KB   102 downloadsAttached File  deansh3.jpg  24.55KB   74 downloads”

    Christopher Bennetts on living in Cebu forums. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    This is just the tip of the iceberg that unmasks a peddler migrating to the Phoilippines. No one was convinced that Christophers’ Bennetts didn’t know who his best friend was at the time, but discovered it when Dean Marston was sleeping with his girlfriend. Absurd! Not that he was in love with her or he cared about the little boy had together. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Let’s see what Dean Marston said about his accuser.
    Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Christopher Bennetts appears in several sites holding this baby claiming is his son with a girlfriend named Ruby,that she dumbed him when she had the proof that he’s a pedophile, a cruel pornographer specialized on hard core porn movies, humiliating and disgusting. One of his closest friends had to say this:

    Posted by: DeanMarston Nov 17 2008, 05:08 PM

    “Thanks to some of the people who know the real truth at livingincebu and let me know about this thread. (You can read the rest below or go to the original statement) read Dean Marston’s the original statement here. ) “I am being set up by Chris Bennetts and his friends. A lot of people will back me up that the real criminal here is Chris Bennetts. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    So please don’t believe the black picture that Chis Bennetts is trying to paint of me. Since he had no problem posting my picture and even going as far as paying for that SunStar ad I am going to give everyone information on him so people can know the real truth. Chris Bennetts is the man running pornographic LBFM websites featuring Filipinas, some who are underage.

    I have pictures to prove it that he used to post on his mensasiantravelexploits and Angeles Bar websites. (Business information deleted by Paul.) People here in the Philippines are aware on his actions and he was even reported that he and his wife Antonieth ( at the time ) opened a Dance Studio on Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    His wife at the time was serious about the studio but Chris had other intentions. Chris did even know he was reported to have been inviting other older men to come and watch the young girls dance in their underwear and was reported to have been taking pictures of the young girls that he proudly showed his friends.

    During the day Christopher Bennetts tries to come off as an upstanding businessman and community member, but at night his a demented person who takes advantage of young underage girls. In the last 3 years Christopher Bennetts has become member of the Rotary Club of Mactan and has made a lot of influential friends who are involved in politics who he could use as protection is he is ever investigated. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Chris and I spent a lot of time together and I am 100 percent sure he is part of an international underage pornographic syndicate. Who specialize in making pornographic videos and pictures of young Filipina girls and boys”. This, is not an anonymous post, is from some one that knows very well Chris Bennetts. You can read Dean Marston’s the original statement here.”

    Read more about the story

    Because I have a life, it’s dinner time now, a sacred moment with the family. I’ll be back later, there will be much more about this entry.

    Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Feb 25

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame. Look at these small pictures. Half of them, are the same person over and again, are residents on the wall of shame. They are Christopher BennettsPerry GamsbyBrad Hughes. Missing are Matt Wilkie and Paul Petrea. All his Linked profile is a lie, the only truth is he knows how to make pizza and hamburgers, forget the fine dining and catering for the VIP.

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.Guenther Vomberg is mad at Evan Iliadis. He feels that is a victim of a crazy guy that has nothing else to do than writing blogs about him and his “friends” True? Be the judge.Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

The reason Evan put him on the hit list is justified by his own (Guenther’s) statements and actions as follows.Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

When Evan and 17 other supporters and contributors living in 3 different continents were fighting against a small number of criminals living in his close   environment and circles, we thought that he will join the battle and help the cause, helping the Philippines and its people that he swear allegiance and fidelity, showing it by posting all over the net his appurtenance to the Philippines establishment, the one we knew how crooked and corrupted is, but we were pretending and forced to believe he was different. Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

We were also hoping he’ll be moved by our initiative to get rid of them, contributing to their arrest or at least deporting them and banned their re-entry for life.Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

By publishing rock solid evidence and proof that they were nothing else than a band of psychopaths and criminals, we were expecting, almost sure, Guenther will join the wagon and help our cause. To our disappointment, he did the opposite. Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

He undermined our intelligence, determination and savoir faire thinking we’ll be intimidated by “his connections” in Cebu he claimed having  time and again on the forums. When Evan Iliadis asked his help to arrest and deport Paul Petrea he played it stupid, “me not comprende” “Me no power in the Philippines”, “not yet Amiral in the

Philippines Navy”, come back later.Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

Guenther Vomberg – Paul Petrea from living in Cebu Forums Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

This is the place where Guenther was re-born, where he was spending days and nights posting for the purpose of publicity, image building, selling influence and “knowledge” to morons and old farts US marines and others, collecting thanks and likes, an indispensable medicine for Guenther prescribed  as a treatment to his advanced state of narchshism he suffers. Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

The living in Cebu forums was THE  forum he needed most, hoping to attract some customers, most important, a potential investor to expand the restaurant business he pretends to have a master’s degree in management and also in cooking. Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

In reality, all we see in the pictures, is pasta, hamburgers and miserable fries. The numbers and facts are here: Anyone who tried to make a living counting on expats’ support the business went on down the drain. Guenther is not an exception. He now tries other ventures with other established  peddlers in the PH. Will tell you shortly who they are.Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

In closing this chapter, imagine the interest he had to derail our efforts to close his favorite forum and deprive him a free publicity and exposure tool. This would be the end of the world for him! Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame. 

Feb 24

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Thousands have seen the picture below taken from his Facebook in public view, therefore making it available to anyone for using it under the “fair use” policy. In our case, we are more in right to diffuse this picture, provided Guenther Vomberg is lying on his statement  that he’s employed by the Cebu Provincial Government. 

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

In his poor defense Guenther Vomberg claims that the photo is fake, it was never seen in his FB timeline and is a fabrication of Evan Iliadis. No one buys it anymore. After he mislead Google, Go Daddy, WordPress and Chilling Effects convincing them to remove some photos and pages from Evan’s sites is now back and in order, it will remain that way from now on. Because they all understood the lie. Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Now, he’s trying to scam Germans by selling them a bogus guide about cyberstalking trolls and the like. He translated a “book” originally written by Christopher Bennetts and Perry Gamsby in English to German for the German market.

In this book, all you’ll read about is myths, how these peddlers  were “stalked” by Evan Iliadis, “victims of Evan Iliadis” and similar rants just to steal your money. You don’t need their book folks. Keep your money and save your time for something else. If you’re really interested, you can have it for free, just google, the following.

Da Guenther Vomberg scam - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Da Guenther Vomberg scam – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Philippines, Christopher Bennetts Philippines, Perry Gamsby Philippines, Tim Potter Philippines, car the center of “ze book” is about their low life in this country and the purpose of writing it is to take vengeance on Evan Iliadis. Still interested? Here is how the book looks like. Da Guenther Vomberg scam


 How to deal with all forms of online harassment? There isn’t harassment. It’s a naming and shaming  crusade towards white collar criminals operating in the Philippines. Stay out of crooked business and the “stalkers” will go away. Someone got to the dirty job, isn’t it? You have been unpunished for years. It’s payoff time. Da Guenther Vomberg scam 


Oct 03

Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg Google days. Guenther Vomberg

Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg Google days.A lot of activity lately on my stats from Google flying to the rescue of Guenther Vomberg to remove from the search engine. As expected, in compliance with an order from the European courts for the “right to be forgotten”  Google did so and removed certain pages from this blog. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

So what? It affects only Europe that, with the exception of Germany, not many had a single minute to waste in reading about Guenther and his peddlers living in Cebu Philippines. 

80% of the readers interested in him are from the Philippines, which was the reason of erecting this site in the first place. He has long ago been forgotten in Europe, no Google help needed, he’s better known as Guenther Vomberg Commander in the Philippines Coast Guard  Guenther Vomberg Google days.  

The tough guy, after barking all over the net as being a high caliber jurist, connected in Europe and the Philippines through family and friends, promising to send  Evan Iliadis in jail for the rest of his life, resigned contenting himself with the humble (free) assistance of Google.

To convince the latest, he had to put up a bunch of lies on his residency in Germany, that Germany, he fled years ago and never looked back, oddly applying for Philippines citizenship rarely seen in the expat community living in the Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg and his cohorts have tried countless times to shut down Evan’s and others’ blogs at the same time publishing blogs denying the accusations, painting himself as an upright citizen in Cebu, connected and influential. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

He has stated time and again, he’s not disturbed by Evan Iliadis allegations, downplayed the hype and hoopla surrounding the now famous uniform of the self-proclaimed “commander”, leaving the naive with the impression that is for real. If it is, why he fights so hard to hide it from the search engines? He was the one who first spread it on Facebook photo slides and blogs like this was the best accomplishment in his life after pizza making. Now he wants it out!

Guenther Vomberg I have this for you: Guenther Vomberg Google days.

By now, if you didn’t get it that your tactics to get rid of Evan are failing, that Google has sided only partially with you leaving most of Evan’s blogs “as is” then, you live under a rock.

Google and most readers understand the well founding of unmasking your real motivations behind the image you’re building on the net, certainly not the compassion you feel for the people of the Philippines or helping the expat community in the Philippines.

All we see, is your involvement in the sexpat business and nothing else. Your hundreds of pictures you are posting as a result of your incurable narcissism are all pointing to one thing: Building an image for the purpose of misleading an already corrupt environment you live in, that environment you largely contributed and got advantages and benefits.

Why you hate Evan Iliadis? Because he presented you the mirror, you looked in and didn’t like what you saw. Google knows that. You hate Evan because he closed the door on you on your favorite place of gathering with notorious sexpats, pimps, human traffickers and criminals, like Paul Petrea, Mike Mountstephen,  Christopher Bennetts, Drew shobbrook,  The living in Cebu Forums. Google knows that. There, you were the star, the VIP, the know all guy, thousands of posts having a saying about everything and nothing, hooked, priority #1 in your life.

But thanks to your stalker Evan Iliadis  things have changed since. We haven’t seen you on the boards and forums or a long time. At least on the surface, under your real name. It looks like you try to get a life, but that association with Chris Bennetts is not in line with your effort.

That’s for today. We’ll continue about you on another blog erected in your honor. Unless you show us proof of behavior change.

Have a nice Google day.


May 10

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Hi Guenther, sorry to disturb you again, but we got a serious problem, (again), with our common friend Matt Wilkie. 

In a new blog he published on Google’s blogspot had some one interviewed  him on a tell-all  story about his life, past current and future. A long interview that as soon as it hit the waves got already 200 readers! Imagine? TWO HUNDRED READERS! The problem is, no one read what he said in this interview about this stalker Evan Iliadis. Read it yourself.

From Matt Wilkie: “I had started uploading articles yesterday and already nearly 200 people have read the articles on this new site. What is most interesting is the one you would assume people would read has zero viewers which is the one relating to Evan Iliadis.” Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

There is also another problem. We don’t know who the interviewer was! Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

The guy said that he can’t disclose his name because of fear being another victim of Evan. Maybe a sexpat? A scammer? Probably. I don’t see any body else been afraid of Evan..Anyway, back to the subject, someone rebutting Matt Wilkie’s assertions and inaccuracies about his life, tried at the same time to figure out who the interviewer was and why he should be afraid of Evan.

A request for information sent to my friends and informants did not produce any result. Then, suddenly, someone, an anonymous person sent a message with an attachment  containing 2 pictures and just the words “Larry King LiveGuenther Vomberg. “That was all he wrote. Here are the pictures: What do you think? Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

A few gossipers familiar with the interview they say that the guy who this stalker Evan said is Larry King, is not! We hired an anthropologist to figure out if the 2 persons on the pictures are different persons, and guess what the answer was: No! He, the anthropologist, said that is you! You interviewed Matt Wilkie. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

This makes sense, because not once Matt Wilkie mentioned your name as he should, alliance oblige, unlike Tim Potter and Chris Bennetts he mentioned them two times. Wondering why is that. Your buddy, your brother in arms, one that helped you so much, one that you were the first to comment on his sites fueling his rants against Evan daily, suddenly you went underground. We haven’t seen you on Matt FB, unlike Chris Bennetts that honors both of you. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Whatever it is, I think you should go and take a look. A lot of diarrhea! He beat you by far, even on your hey days in the Living in Cebu forums. Read that from his blog.

Matt Wilkie moved to the Philippines in 2007 and currently back in the United Kingdom. Matt Wilkie is currently researching moving to Spain. I asked him today what are his plans long-term. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wikie response:

“Right now we have several options open to us and I have emailed the Spanish embassy requesting assistance on moving to Spain. The reason I have chosen Spain is that although its got few job opportunities it has what matters EU citizenship for the family and Western education.

Being educated in Spain sort of taking things half between the UK and the Philippines as the Philippines was formally under Spanish rule. Does it bother my wife? The answer is no lets face it, this wasn’t done yesterday! Me and my wife are more interested in trying the seafood of Spain and Greece than complaining about a history that is well history. (In the meanwhile, the wife has to eat salted fish and rice).”

I am however thinking ahead and if we can get Spain setup the way I want it, we should continue to have a good life in Spain as well as develop my career in the UK. You see Alicante to Glasgow/London costs as much as Birmingham to Glasgow or London to Glasgow if not cheaper. As long as my company agrees to cover the expense, then we should be living the Spanish lifestyle put on a UK salary. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

The call center is on the back burner right now, Aileen will continue to work and develop things in the Philippines but I am having to put things on pause at the moment as I can’t manage any more projects. Although capable of multi tasking I am a strong believer in that you can do many things badly and only one thing well at a time. So it can wait as it’s all paid for and lets get Spain underfoot before we revisit the Philippines. Adding to that we are going to be starting an online shopping business as well as wholesaler”.

You read that Guenther? He’s going to Spain! How about you? He’s dreaming about Spain day after day, hour after hour minute after minute. He’s dreaming sitting in a tavern in Greece trying the seafood! He has several videos takes during his conversation with the voices, here is one:

I hope you don’t feel any inferiority complex because Matt Wilkie has an empire in the Philippines permitting his a luxury life style in the West, as oppose to you, have to work on the ships as a cook to make a living. Keep up the good work Guenther. When is the next interview? Who? Chris Bennetts? I’ll be waiting… How about Tim Potter? Next on the list? 

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Apr 24

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!
Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! F

Guenther, your brother in arms against your war on Evan Iliadis is in deep s…..t! Since you are now so popular around the world, I thought it would be a good idea to post this on your wall, so others reading the story can help. Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

As you know, he left the Philippines a while ago for the UK, fearing reprisals from the Expat community in Cebu and from locals, for snitching them to the Philippines National Police with lies and made up stories on them, also not paying salaries to a few workers he had for his monkey business.  Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! 

He left behind a wife trying to survive selling off whatever left from the smart pigs, an autistic child, he can’t afford special education, even worse, he can’t buy medications for himself suffering from several mental illnesses, including Bipolar, egomania, schizophrenia and other disorders. Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

He’s broke, living in a homeless shelter in Worcester UK, surviving on  £71.70 a week as a Jobseeker Allowance (JSA), not even enough to buy a McDonnald’s a day.  Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! 

Like most Europeans, he has free health insurance providing him the medications he needs for his mental condition, but it looks like his delirium is worsen instead of doing any good. The “voices” got the upper hand on him, his thoughts become incoherent, (always were), now worse. One of his FB buddies had to say this:

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

For a valid reason. Just take a look on the video. The latest. No need to hear it all. (Who does?) one minute is enough. He’s talking to himself whatever the voices dictates him to say. The same Matt Wilkie as you know him. One day the voices send him to Germany for work, then, in the middle of the travel receives a direction change order for Spain, because there big houses with a pool are cheap and he can afford one!

In his dreams!.. Meanwhile, the Spaniards are migrating to the UK by thousands to escape the catastrophic recession, they are hit with, most of them got a job, Matt can’t. He blames the government for that, diabolising  Pakistanis, Indians, Africans, name them, they are all on his agenda. Here is the video.

You got the picture Guenther? As of the writing of this, he has only 3 likes. His. No one else. You should go and give him some clicks, several times a day, put all your friends on the net to do the same, he might make some money. At least, that’s what he thinks. Because on another video he posted a day later is telling this:

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! Really urgent!

Matt Wilkie said: Making money out of nothing. In this crisis of delirium, Matt gives us a recipe on how making money from YouTube by posting videos, even saying nothing, out of crap, from nonsenses. “Even if is a dollar, is a dollar he had not before”. And guess what Guenther. Your mentor in your monkey business was there to support him. Take a look on the conversation they had on FB. Where were you? Not even a like for your brother?

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Let’s listen to the video. He has 29 likes, 20 of them are mine. Again, no need to go all the way to the end. Who does?

The star of the call centers, community in the Philippines, the genius entrepreneur in the IT circles is now looking for new ventures. He is also looking forward in writing a book on how he survived in the Philippines 6 years without a pension, just with income from local businesses. What was his business?

Ripping off expats, snitching them to the Philippines National Police, reporting his competitors like  724 care inc. In Cebu, but nothing was found, the company continues functioning, Matt Wilkie is now on the run fearing reprisals. Is not the only one Matt should fear. There is these guys from the Cebu Club Riders and many others “are looking” for him.

In any case, no matter what, Guenther Vomberg and partners have the moral responsibility to help him now that he’s in need. You can’t just use him as an instrument against Evan Iliadis crusade, he paid the consequences, and now you throw him in the trash. It’s immoral! What consequences? He’s the clown of the Phils expat community all over the net!

Instead of planting some eggplants and tomatoes to survive, he was spending his time writing blogs for the coalition you and others were part of, the sexpat and rip-off community exiled to the Philippines. 

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Jan 05

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation is waiting for you in FB. What is happening here? Have you given up to your buddies? They are looking for you in the Facebook where Matt is throwing a party with Christopher Bennets plus one or two similar but doesn’t sparkle up! They need your help!

Let me tell you what’s going on: Not that I’m a stalker, you know I’m not, but I felt my duty is to warn you about competition coming on your way! Matt is writing a book! Have you heard about? No? Well, here is what he said:

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation


Let’s put the text also so we can comment between the sentences, so well written and full of common sense! We can’t miss that lol!

Matt Wilkie said:
“6 years in the Philippines – I am about to write an ebook on how i have managed to stay in the Philippines so long without a pension. Just after some feedback on who else would be interested in reading this type of book.”

To be honest, there is no risque the net gets congested with people waiting in line to be the first putting their credit card. Besides, he’s blacklisted on PayPal because of fraud raising money pretending is for the typhoon victims. It wasn’t. Now, assuming he gives it out for free, just for the heck of generating a bit of a talk about his persona as the doctor ordered for his therapy, do you think will find takers? Nop! Because those who know him know how he survived, those who don’t they will shortly, by ways and means he wanted to “promote” Perry Gamsby’s books on line. Something like this:

Matt wilkie on Perry's books

 Click on the image above or Here to read the whole thing. (PDF file) Very informative.

 Here is also how he tried to put Paul Petreas’ forum out of business, instead is his that has gone away forever, the only trace you can find is here 

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Click on the image or Here to see more on how Matt does the trick of surviving in the PH  for 6 years without a pension.

Next paragraph:

“This will very likely be my one and only book about the Philippines as simply we are moving on so fast these days and things changed so much from 2007. The main reason i am doing it is for interest of those who knew us back then as many things i never wrote about in my blog. As things have developed it gets harder to write for safety reasons. We are about to progress a lot more than we did in previous years and as such many things are going to fall completely silent as we move into a new phase of life.”

Enigmatic, mysterious Matt Wilkie as always? Let me translate this for you: What he means is, now days, with stalkers flocking around it’s harder and harder to write whatever we like for safety reasons. It seems like this stalker Evan Iliadis has actually put some order on the darknet. Domain names changed ownership overnight, posts in the forums deleted, profiles erased or “corrected” blogs “reorganized” or disappeared all together, so did pictures and statements. You Guenther Vomberg know that from your own experience don’t you? Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

This week I bought a new Mac, one of those we say “once you go Mac you never go back” then while cleaning the old one of junk files and mails I stumbled upon one that had forgotten is here. It’s a mail received from Matt Wilkie, again, your good friend and partner Matt Wilkie. It’s a long story to explain everything in the story, (Noticed? Simple English!) would not even mention it to you, but as it turned out you are concerned, you should know. After all what friends are for?

Let’s take a look at the mail first. I’ll post a section, then the link where you can read it in its entirety.

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Click on the image to read the mail  or Click Here 

Briefly, Matt Wilkie complaint to me about “my American friend” that is harassing him on the forums and blogs he owned, instead he would be better off “taking care” of someone named Andrew Sharpe owner of a bar in Cebu.
Discussing this mail with “an American friend” knowledgeable of the night low life in Cebu, he directed me to an Andrew FB page to find out he’s your friend. Having first hand experience, none of your friends on FB are just that. You have some kind of connection with them. Let’s take a look on the FB page.

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation


So? Guenther? What’s up? Is Matt Wilkie telling the truth about the guy? Is he the peddler as described by Matt and the only thing links you to him is the same as with Chris Bennetts? I personally don’t know anything about this guy, neither do any of “my American friends. Matt wilkie the detective seems to know better. How about you?Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation


Nov 24

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” has been arrested. Update: Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” has been arrested pending extradition to Thailand to stand trial for the heinous crime he committed there 10 years ago.

Michael John Taylor "Mick The Pom"

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” Not because the commander did the magic thing for it. No. He was busy cooking omelettes and sausages for the crew in a boat to earn some money. No problem Guenther, you are forgiven. It looks like the association with perverted sexpats didn’t pay off. So be. How was in Tahiti?  Alles OK? Thanks for the offer anyway, we made it without you buddy. Click here to see what happened. Thanks also for the new picture. You look great! Excuse me? DCMA ticket again? When? Where?


Michael John Taylor "Mick The Pom"

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”



Michael John Taylor "Mick The Pom"

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

  Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Guenther Vomberg. A group of Filipinos, Thais, foreigners living in the Philippines and Thailand asking your help in bringing to justice a Briton criminal fugitive living in the Philippines. As you have always stated, as a connected man with the Philippines highest  instances, such as the Cebu Government, a member of prestigious Social Clubs and organizations, having contacts in the Philippines Supreme Court and Philippines Police Department, a friend and benefactor of the Philippines people and most of all a Commander of the Philippines Coast Guard, we thought you should know the event taking place in a Philippines island goes by the name San Antonio in the province of Zambales.  Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” a British National savagely stabbed a young woman in Thailand named Jantra Weangta, 27 and left her dead. According to his affidavit at the time the crime was committed  he was in a bar owned by a ladyboy, had a few drinks there, had sex with the ladyboy on the beach, then brought the ladyboy with him to his house where both discovered the dead body of his live in partner Jantra. Michael  John Taylor “Mike the Pom” was the only alibi and witness he had.

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” ,bad luck for him, the Thai police and prosecution didn’t buy it. They locked him in for murder, they came up with 13 witnesses including the head of forensic and DNA research presenting irrefutable DNA evidences linking Michael  John Taylor “Mike the Pom” to the crime. John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

John Taylor “Mick The Pom” Somehow, during his first appearance to the court and in an unprecedented  coup de theatre the court granted him bail on the basis that both parties, prosecution and defense lawyers needed more time to go through the evidences. He walk out of the courtroom free and never showed up again. Even worst, The UK embassy in Thailand provided him with a new passport (The old was withheld by the Thai Authorities) to help him get out of the country. This was year 2006. We don’t know where he was until year 2010, year the Philippines welcomed him in the provence of Zambales where he lives undisturbed and “protected”. John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Commander Guenther Vomberg, you have stated time and again, introduced yourself as a connected public figure, you have collaborated with the PNP in Cebu to arrest a German pedophile. (Entry #6) At that time, no one took seriously your allegations, some called you a mythomaniac, you made everything up to gain attention from the authorities. All you collected was a few nice words from the Mayor. John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

John Taylor “Mick The Pom” case is giving you the opportunity to prevail. We are asking you to intervene for at least cancel the resident visa of a fugitive criminal living in the Philippines. We all understand the PH government can’t extradite some one if there isn’t a demand of extradition from another country, provided such reciprocity agreement exists. John Taylor “Mick The Pom”
But  the PH immigration being a state within the state, like in most countries of the world can easily declare him an undesirable alien and cancel his visa on its own discretion. No court order needed. All they need is a bit of consideration and respect for their people. You, Guenther Vomberg, a prominent expat in Cebu you could convince the authorities to  do just that before this psychopath strikes again in the Philippines. More on Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” here and here  Would you please send us a few words of your action on the case at

john Taylor “Mick The Pom”

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