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Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg


Guenther Vomberg Hello! I’m Evan Iliadis, living in the south of France one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan yet picturesque place on earth, one of the first tourist destination in the world.

I lived in the Philippines with my Filipina wife and 2 small children for 5 years in Panglao island, a turning point in my life an eye opener on human rights abuse, cruel exploitation of its people by foreigners expats “investors”, often with the collaboration of the unscrupulous local bourgeoisie, have many blogs pointed to several of these expats living in the Philippines, I will direct you there at the end of this entry.

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu PhilippinesThe Philippines will not become a better place because I spend time on these criminals, however “naming and shaming” has paid off in many ways as you already know, it did have an effect on the indecent sexpat community, and as a continuation this blog is created to introduce you another one:

Guenther Vomberg from Balamban Cebu Philippines. It’s about a particular expat, one have to read between the lines of his statements and not buy his assertions about his love of the Philippines and its people. He doesn’t care for them as he cares for his ass, that is his narcissistic behavior and denial of the real reason he lives in the Philippines nearly 15 years on and off.

That’s what I will explain you in several entries to come. Guenther Vomberg AKA stranded shipscook is A German National living in Balamban-Cebu Philippines.
I “met”him on line to his request on Facebook to become his friend, a move that surprised me, provided  what I was reading on his favorite forum Living In Cebu Forums and what he was reading from on my blogs revealed we had nothing in common. Furthermore, at that time I was on an all out war with one of his friends, the owner of the said forum Paul Petrea.

There was no doubt in my mind on  Guenther’s  motivations for his approach: Infiltrating my thoughts and strategy to protect his good friend Paul Petrea and derail the whole thing avoiding his imprisonment  or at least a deportation from the Philippines me with the help of others were hoping.

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg

In effect, at that time, with a team of good expats living in the Philippines the US and AU all previously lived in the PH, were fighting against a psychopath living in Cebu since year 2000.

A notorious women hater explained by his physical appearance, to his own admission drinking a two bottles of Jack Daniels  a day, all kind of drugs user, that only helpless poor women could stand him, was beating every single one came on his way.

When there was none he was “renting” one from the bars-brothels named also “barfines” meaning, you pay the owner pimp  a sum, usually 75 $US to take the girl with you out of the bar for the night.

Paul Petrea was also a specialist in scams, using his forum to defraud naive members promising high yield money lending investments, bogus cellphone load, he was also a partner to David from Talisay on the rural bank deposits scam that expats lost thousand of dollars. Links to follow on all stories mentioned above.

During “wartime” me and  friends came very close to dismantle the forum, members were deserting in big numbers, erasing their posts and pictures, making public statements on this and other forums condemning this criminal Paul Petrea. Guenther Vomberg wasn’t one of those. All he did is erased all  of his compromising posts, went for a while on “wait and see” mode and back to  blah blah “diarrhea” again, so to speak.

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg

Not only he continued to be a major contributor posting none stop, some times 15-20 posts in a day plus on the “private rooms” of the forum, long sentences, about everything, not at all in line with a man he says he’s running a business; Usually businessmen have no time to waist in futile and trivial subjects reserved to retirees  expats and sexpats  on the forums, unlike Guenther Vomberg who does it all day and night long.

It seems this was his main activity and interest in the Philippines. There was many reasons why Guenther wanted  the forum to survive and still fighting for, at the price of even selling his soul to the evil sexpat community and  some criminals living in the Philippines.

So while No one of my team was targeting Guenther Vomberg, including myself, he chose to enter the fight, probably seen the opportunity to become a hero within the forum community, that forum where very few considered him as an “illuminate” most were mocking him as the kind of “know all” guy, there wasn’t a single subject he didn’t have several says during the day, lines and lines of comments, many were getting tired and annoyed, but for him it was the only place he was getting s few “likes” and “thanks” in the Philippines.

Guenther Vomberg was miscalculating in trying to spy on my attentions on chasing criminals and paid the price. In the beginning of our quarrel I tendered once to him  an olive brunch by removing a few negative comments  I wrote on my blog  on him but I realized soon he was continuing warring “secretly” in the “Dirty kitchen” forums as the call the hidden forum within a forum.

Below is a screenshot dated December 2010. Even though I can go way back this date , I’ll start the sequence of the events when Guenther enters the forum for good with the following introduction” From now on, this will become his spiritual home, the place he will spend most of the time, even when in his restaurant between 2 clients’ orders he will go and post or chat with some one on Facebook. More than 8000 entries in 2 years including those made in the forum’s “dirty kitchen”, plus  hundreds on other forums, a record posting on any forum on earth!

That makes it clear that Guenther had not a life and was looking for one.

But the place he chose didn’t  really welcomed him. In the days after, some of the members, including the owner of the forum aggressed him badly but not unjustly, to the point that he lost his cool  making things worst. As an example, I’ll put a screenshot of the topic in the living in Cebu forums  then I will direct you to the original where you can see all related entries. Here is one:

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines – Guenther Vomberg

Please, write down this name, Easyrider. you will read again about the guy, he knows Guenther well. Before I comment on this let’s read another fuming statement he made in the same period.Remember, he was playing it the “all know” kind of guy, He has been Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, chef-reataurateur, cook serving on small private yachts, handyman, house painter, auto mechanic, and other activities. You can imagine the heck of an asset he was on the forum…At least he thought so…

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

What we have read so far about Guenther is far from been in line with his stand up man profile he spreads all over the net and accuses Evan of”stalking him”. Poor Guenther!… I am not stalking you…and if I do, is for respect to the Filipino people that you mislead by taking advantage of their naivety  to attach the “Sir!” suffix to any one coming in the their country with a bit more money than they have. And if they are tall and blue eyes, can even wear Commander’s uniform! No place in the world offers that!.

Here is a guy coming from nowhere, telling us his background no one has ever verified, no one has asked for, more than 15 years in the Philippines, he said, 2 failed marriages both with Filipinas  including one from Bohol reputed as being the most loyal  and traditional value abiding women in the PH, now living with a woman he calls wife but she is not, he has never had any appearance with a woman on his side. ( Maybe he will now, to show us “Evan is a liar!!!”)
“Easyrider” the guy who first associated Guenther as been a gay is Philipp Rowe aka Americano, an American in his 60’s. the comment below he has posted on the forum tells them all about the guy:

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Please, consider this as one of the most innocent comments “Easyrider” has posted. This notorious sexpat took advantage of more than one young Filipino girl, brought them to the US on a fiancee visa, once they got papers he let them go and bring in the next. Please, click here to read his story.

There are other sexpats on this blog from Guenther’s entourage, all of them his friends, not only on the forum but in real life since they are living close by to his area. This  is the guy on this picture below.

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Today’s moral of the story: Guenther Vomberg  is not the citizen in good standing as he portrays himself by spreading pictures in uniform, social Club membership and the like. In the Philippines are totally valueless, provided the membership is not subject to strict examination as in the first world where Guenther will not even think to gain acceptance.

As for that gay thing, this writer, Evan Iliadis, is a liberal by Europeans standards, does not discriminate agains gay people, some of his American friends live here in Sophia Antipolis are gay couples, in the open, two of them living in couple have a daughter each now on their 20s both born by surrogate mothers that they never knew. Brilliant girls, after obtaining an international bacalaureat from the “Lycee International De Valbonne” where two of my children are students, now studying in the US.

If the allegations of “Easyrider” and other members of the forum are true, combined with statement Guenther has made here and there on the net, then I’ll cry foul. Many expats living in the Philippines have gone through several divorces with white women. Two divorces with Filipino wives is unusual. Guenther shouldn’t use camouflage women to face the intolerance or for gaining social acceptance. Just come out of the closet, as millions have done and live in happiness their sexuality.

Next in few days:
The complex for being a German known to start wars they never won, the troubled personality of Guenther Vomberg looking for recognition on both local community and expat/sexpat community and the mascarade on his Commander’s uniform.

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

No, the image above is not faked as he says. It’s from Guenther’s Vomberg Facebook page, that probably he has now changed, as he started making changes in his life, some for good some for worst, Thanks to Evan’s blogs comments, like any sexpat who happened to be resident on my wall of shame had to make some adjustments in the way he sees the Philippines. 

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