Dec 12


Guenther Vomberg cyber-nightmares

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines is very busy.Not with what you think, like expanding his business or rescuing people from Pablo typhoon or posting on the Living in Cebu forums. No, nothing like that. He put himself in a deep sh…hole and doesn’t know how to come out.

 Guenther lives in total disarray, the saddest time of his life and he blames it on Evan, that he did nothing else but holding the mirror for him to finally see his real self, something  like any hyper narcissistic person refuses. Which bring us to renew the question: Who is Guenther Vomberg? Why the need to use the internet to build a fake image and for what purpose? Misleading..Really misleading…Look again at the picture below.
This is coming straight from his facebook page, saved as it was and still is the saved version on my web server. His only defense is..it’s fake! You pretend to be a lawyer and you know the denial is a poor defense when evidence and proof are overwhelming.   Experts, be the judge. look at this. What you make of this statement? 
 Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines
Evan Iliadis, helped you to make some new friends, those perfectly match your internet strategy, that is hopping  to be “somebody” someday, day that will never come, not in the Philippines anyway, I’m afraid will never come at all even out of there. 50+ isn’t the right time for trajectory correction. The route is traced. Guenther-Vomberg-cyber-nightmares
Your “friends” in the Living in Cebu forums abandoned you after they were mocking your hypocritical postings portraying yourself as “a friend of the Filipino People” Guenther post less and less on the surface but still busy on the hidden forums trying to persuade “victims” to file DMCA complains to shut down the wall of shame. Guenther-Vomberg-cyber-nightmares
Sometimes work, some times don’t, but at the end of the day, Guenther-Vomberg-cyber-nightmaresyou are still hanging in here, because the net is like the Lernaean Hydra.Killing the Hydra proved to be very difficult as two heads would grow back every time that one was cut off. Worst, I haven’t detect any Herculean strength on you, neither a smart war strategy for such a difficult labor.
You are right on your ancestors steps, starting wars you always lose, I’m afraid you don’t fit a winner’s profile. Guenther-Vomberg-cyber-nightmares
In closing, I have news for you. Your new friends, (you have only 2 left), are coming to see you in Cebu. Christopher Bennetts made the announcement a couple of weeks ago through his  favorite propaganda organ and Matt Wilkie confirmed it the same day. Here is what he said.

Hopefully, I will now receive news about these lawsuits on 4 jurisdictions you promised me long time ago!
One more thing and I’m done: Your new friend Christopher Bennetts doesn’t look like in the small picture you see on his avatar. This is “for… the pitchure”  only. Here is how he looks in the real world. (Hopefully , you are not going to charge me with another DCMA.Oh shit!, I forgot the spelling!)
Well, what can I say … That’s why people wear uniforms. They don’t worth much without….

Guenther-Vomberg-cyber-nightmares – Guenther Vomberg

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