Dec 18

Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

Lambaste this bastard, this ugly in & out German national  that hasn’t shown any compassion to this dying man Kevin Taylor in prison for 4 years  without trial, whether guilty or not. Guenther Vomberg has done it often and again to kiss government’s ass snitching foreigners just on hearsay. Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic!

Like his close buddy Matt Wilkie, he has no income coming from abroad, a restaurant in a remote area can’t fill the gap, no real professional skills all he left with, is living from crooked business, that’s why he needs uniforms and clubs, as I said before, those clubs in the first world would not even say hello to Guenther.

Ironically, when in the past he tried to turn in another German pedophile vacationing in his area in Balamban Cebu the Police smelled his motivations, those of an unsolicited  snitch in his effort to build a hero’s image, turned him down as a zero. More on that in the next entry. Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

Honest Expats, don’t let Guenther Vomberg, the shame of the international- especially German community – express his allegiance and support to the Philippines Government at the price of burring a British citizen dying in a Philippines prison for the reason of engaging himself on the wrong business. Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

It’s about Kevin Taylor. No, he did not kill anyone, he wasn’t a pimp, not a pedophile, not involved in prostitution in the Philippines, not a scammer, he crossed  the gray area of the Philippines employment recruiting law, is paying the price of the(slow) death penalty, even though he has settled with most of the complainant  he remains in prison awaiting a trial date  that may never come.

Many low life sexpats and criminals, including Perry Gamsby have trumpeted the case on their forums for the purpose of building an image for themselves, Perry Gamsby seized the occasion, making a circus of what’s supposed to be treated discretely managing the susceptibility of the prosecutors handling the case, infuriated with those foreigners publicly insulting them, but at the same time asking special treatment for one of them. Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

While the issue shouldn’t be whether or not Kevin Taylor and his Filipina companion were guilty or innocent, all efforts should be directed exclusively on the conditions of imprisonment and other humanitarian issues, considering the fragile health of the accused, instead, all they did was angered the department of Justice and he’s now about to lose his life.

Guenther Vomberg the schizophrenic  couldn’t miss this opportunity to distinguish himself on the affair in an all different way by infuriating the expat community as he always did, maliciously siding with the Philippines Government who pretends to be an employee.

This schizophrenic- I don’t see what else he can be- or may be a sadistic psychopath from the SS era as the German culture has  produced and still producing, one that chose the Philippines to hide his homosexuality feeling the shame and disdain for who he is. Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

His unscrupulous and obsessional behavior with the law that he preaches all over the forums hopping the PH government is reading, has angered even his turf, the “cultural center” where he has made the most outrageous statements on line a forum as designed by its owner Paul Petrea. Guenther Vomberg-Lambast the Schizophrenic!

Guenther-Vomberg_002No one knows anything about him, other than what HE posts about him, he pretends to be such a big shot, with lawyers in his family ready to file lawsuits against Evan Iliadis in “4 jurisdictions around the world”!

Evan, who unmasked him. All Evan has seen so far is DMCA take down his blogs complains. Free of charge, as free for Evan to replace them instantly! No decent person has ever come on line to introduce Guenther as his peer. Only names like Christopher Bennetts  Matt Wilkie and Tim potter.

Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic 

Guenther Vomberg-Lambast the Schizophrenic!


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