Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 31

Guenther Vomberg Human trafficking association

Guenther Vomberg Human trafficking association The latest statement of Guenther Vomberg-Cebu Philippines, stirred controversy and once again revealed the disturbed, heartless controversial  and megalomaniac social misfit of a German mythomaniac living in Cebu Philippines. Let’s see first what he said: Guenther Vomberg Human trafficking association   He got a few spanks (Usual for Guenther)  from the …

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Jan 13


  Shame-on-you-liar   Shame-on-you-liar Thanks to Evan Iliadis Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines is now busy not only with his preferred forum where he visits each time feels the urgency of the diarrhea he constantly suffers, but now learns how to write blogs, he learns SEO, Google page ranking, but the pictures need some alignment …

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Jan 04

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea

Yes I read it! I also read this one from Guenther’s Vomberg page erected to my honor. Cry Babe cry! You should thank me for my efforts helping you make new friends from the lowest of the low life community, criminals like Christopher Bennetts, and Paul Petrea.  My question to you: When you met with Christopher …

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