Jan 04

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea

Screen-shot-2013-01-04-at-16Yes I read it! I also read this one from Guenther’s Vomberg page erected to my honor.

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea - Guenther Vomberg

Cry Babe cry! You should thank me for my efforts helping you make new friends from the lowest of the low life community, criminals like Christopher Bennetts, and Paul Petrea.  My question to you: When you met with Christopher did you ask him about the picture below if is a fake or not? Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul PetreaScreen-shot-2013-01-04-at-17

And this one: The documents are public and obtained from a court of law in Cebu, the pictures were published on the Sunstar newspaper Cebu edition. Are these pages fake ? Did you ask him?

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea

And Paul Petrea? Are you going to bring him as a whiteness in the trial? you know what Guenther, as soon as you get the whitness stand here in France, as soon the court will read your statements in the living in Cebu forums, as soon as the court know who owns the forum, you lost the case moron! On the spot! Before your family and friends in Germany see who Paul Petrea is, I have a message for you:

No one other than 4-5 members of your favorite forum, all on my wall of shame, sent a message supporting you. Niet! Nada! No one! I sent mails with copies of your statements to the coastal guard and the Knights. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a reply sympathetic to me, but out of 450 mails I was hoping some one will come to your defense, some one saying something good on you. Nada! Zero!

Everything you and your few, very few,4-5 are posting on Evan Iliadis, doesn’t affect him..If by now you have not gotten the message, how thick skin Evan is, then wait until you see how many blogs will be erected to your honor…
Excuse me? Did I hear Cyber troll? No Sir! Parasites in the Philippines cleaning specialist! Here comes  your friend Paul Petrea:
Let me know if these documents are fake ok?

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea


Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petreato your left,is your friend Paul Petrea with a girl in her 16. You always knew that but you didn’t care..

You have read all kind of racist, vulgar, inhuman treatment and actions, you have even offered me you “under ground” collaboration that I declined on the ground that you couldn’t be sincere flocking for nearly 3 years with those scumbags. You could only be the same.

Now, you are out of the closet, where you belong. To the scumbags club. Back to the subject, You knew Paul Petrea has published pictures shaving the girls private part , you knew what Bob Ward, one of the most respected member in the forum whitenessed  and said about the cruelty of this animal Paul Petrea. You did nothing

When he raped her, she was barely 17, Paul came on line with the statement blow proud for his act, you were among the first to “help him” Here is his statement


Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea

 And your answer was?


 Are they genuine documents? Yes or no? How about this one below? Were you fooling people that you work for the Philippines government? Is the document below fake? Yes or no?

Your entire original facebook site has been saved and notarized by attorney in the Philippines. It shows that you were impersonating a Philippines government employee while you were just a scumbag looking for glory on a forum owned by a criminal pedophile.

What was the reason of this lie? Were you selling “influence” to other foreigners in the Philippines? A scam that is on the trend there? Take a look and look and let me know ok?


 After Evan Iliadis  revelations you have made many corrections, as many permitted by the little sanity still left in your  brains, the bulk of your “intelligence” being managed by the mythomaniac behavior or still hoping to scam some people.

In a comment you posted on one of MattWilkie’s blog you stated again your crap about being a PH government big shot..Let’s take a look. You noticed? I don’t care much what your comment says about me, only what you said about you.


Wow! Guenther a public person? Any one who will insult Guenther Vomberg is insulting at the same time 40.000 Knights of Rizal, 23.000 Philippine Coastguard Volunteers and an unbeknown to me number,( but in cebu City there are only ~40 ) of Kiwanis Club Members.Bwahahah!!!

only 40 members in Kiwanis club in Cebu? It looks since you joined the club went bankrupt! Who wants an ugly German like you there?

Folks, please do me a favor. Go to the site where Guenther made the statement.You’ll read more than that you’ll have a big laugh! I guarantee it!. The site I will direct you shortly belongs to Matt Wilkie one of the few supporters Guenther left with, and is HIS original site, not a downloaded and saved copy. He also is  a resident on Evan Iliadis  wall of shame and a close neighbor and friend of Guenther. Here is the link. Update Feb 5th. The Link removed, Matt Wilkie erased Guenther’s statement. So no mre Guenther “public” man! We can now insult him freely without automatically include all mentioned above!…

Enjoy your moron and his mythomania. Unless are proxies, to which I don’t bother to figure out, many Germans IPs are coming to this blog. I feel very sorry if any of you is part of his family living in Germany, the best they  can do for you is to bring you back to Germany and reintegrate  you to the “normal” and real world style of life before is too late.

That’s for today. I’ll be back with more on his other friends, all part of the low life, sexpats and scammers of Guenther’s environment.
Just one last question to Guenther: Did you cry to Google today?

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