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Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts story part 1

Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts story part 1

Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts story part 1

Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts.story part 1
written by “criminal” Evan Iliadis.

You know, any one  quoted  on the internet of having saying or doing something wrong, unlawful or immoral and somebody else disclosed the “discrepancy” call himself a “victim of a Cyberstalker”. 
Because “the victim” wants the cyberspace for him alone, to write and say what ever he/she  likes, when he/she likes, wants us to read a one side story and go unopposed.
Or using it to make money in the most unlawful and immoral way like Chris Bennetts sites. Miscalculation! miscalculation!miscalculation!..
The cyberstalker will be around to bite you not for material gain but for the heck of someone showing a bit of compassion to your slanders and humiliation towards the Filipino people.

Some of the “stars” Guenther Vomberg wonders what they have done wrong to be on the “hit list” like Brad Hughes for example, He’s was not there because “he was just talking to me” but because he was the main star in the crusade against his friend Gordy Elletson “aka” Texkano, both parasites in the Cagayan de oro sexpat  community.

Brad Hughes used my blog to burry Texkano, then in turn, the blog came back to bite his ass in the same way he did to others in his community.Here is the plotter
Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts story part 1 Brad Hughes wasn’t saying the truth, he wanted to prevent Texkano of disclosing sexpat stories about him, which we knew but pretending we don’t. Once done with texkano, Brad’s turn was inevitable and within the strategy of dismantling the pimps and sexpat CDO community.

Brad Hughes had been more royalist than the king was, his hatred  for Texkano and Mike Farrel was so deep, hard to believe they were living in the same community and shared once joins and beers.
Brad has never been recognized by any one in the CDO community, the team of the wall shame wanted total dissociation and got rid of him. He fully deserved it.

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines did mention it in his recent mails to a few recipients  on Evan’s wall of shame trying to be their lawyer, (a shattered dream to be a real lawyer  Guenther can’t overcome), instead he won’t miss a single occasion to remind us the “know all” side of his borderline persona, trying to polish his damaged image with the help of Evan’s “victims”.
In  3 or 4 entries all of those “victims” will be right here on his wall for him to realize how low he has been descended, a few meters underground that is, where he really belongs and like to be.

Back to our today’s subject, Guenther friendship with Christopher Bennetts in this first part I will introduce you to this obscure person, a psychopath in the real sense of the term and not pejoratively speaking. Lets get started.

Year 2005 Christopher Bennetts debarked to Cebu Philippines with his Filipina wife and 4 children and as usual he spread the net with sites about his “IT talents” “Web development expert”  “Internet consultant” and other Pompeiic titles on how great he’s on the field. Cebu’s prodigal son started making history. Not the one he said he was writing but the one came from a forum he was posting, where his best friend at the time was posting and here is what he (his friend) was saying.

Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts story part 1

Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts.The story part 1 During the day Christopher Bennetts tries to come off as an upstanding businessman and community member, but at night his a demented person who takes advantage of young underage girls. In the last 3 years Christopher Bennetts has become member of the Rotary Club of Mactan and has made a lot of influential friends who are involved in politics who he could use as protection is he is ever investigated.

But how this started? Here is the story:

It didn’t take long for Christopher Bennetts to abandon his family for the eyes of a young underage at the time girl by the name Robelyn “Ruby”  Bandejas her real name, with whom he had a child  named Rex, was sick and tired of seeing his porn movies and night escapades to Cebu brothels. So Ruby fired him and went with Dean Marston. Chris Bennetts didn’t like it, not that he really cared about Ruby and their child, but because of two things:
1- Ruby Bandejas wanted child support alimony of about a $US 1000
2- He was very concerned that Dean Marston know two much about his criminals activities on the net.
3. He was a member of the Rotary Club actually “the president” the quotes means a valueless title in the Philippines where any one can buy the membership, any one can join as long as he can afford the cost. Unthinkable in the first world.

The rest of the story you can read here:


Guenther Vomberg Christopher-Chris- Bennetts story part 1

Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Phiolippines, enjoy your new friend. I’m so proud of you! You owe me a lot buddy! without me  Evan Iliadis  this union couldn’t be possible. From a stupid forumer you were in the Living In Cebu forums where every one was mocking at you thanks to Evan Iliadis you are now a member of Christopher Bennetts’ sadistic porn empire. Excuse me? Chris Bennetts is just renting web space? Like Go Daddy? That’s all he does? Leme hav a big fat Greel laugh on your fecking face Guenther Vomberg pedophile. (Remember the post you erased in the LICF?) 
Every one now, the Kiwanis, the Rizalists, the coastal guard and Cebu government  where you said you work for they know your (not so) new appurtenance to Christopher  “Aka” Chris Bennets brothels.


Please welcome Commander Guenther Vomberg, the criminal pedophile Guenther Vomberg, to the inner circle of Chris Bennetts and associates porn world.  


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