May 17

Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

 Let’s have a big farting laugh at this pizza maker who pretend to be a banana republic intellectual. Guenther Vomberg is giving us a lesson of freedom of speech, censored  internet, sees stalkers and harassers every where. Here is why. Folks, friends of the truth, this parasite Guenther Vomberg escaped Germany and the first world followed failure after failure in his life to end up in a third world country that not many feel proud of this “accomplishment”. Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

For nearly 15 years now he has used the internet as his day and night companion to spread messages on boards and forums promoting his fantasies and narcissistic behavior looking for recognition and consideration. Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

For what? For a fake persona  he created on the net dressed one day as “commander” of the Philippines coast guard, a member of the Kiwanis club, “Rizalist” (Order of Knights of Rizal) all the low-cost social clubs in the Philippines accepting foreigners “with no questions asked” as long as they pay their dues. 

When Evan Iliadis unmasked him in a forum specialized in scams and rude language owned by a criminal American Citizen, Guenther Vomberg had more than 7500 entries in less than 2 years! A record in the Guinness book! Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

He thought he was the hero, all he was is the laughing and mocking stock, the German moralist working for the Cebu Provence  Government, receiving once in a while a little tap on the shoulder making him a happy camper in heaven.

But when he tried to sell them cyberstalking stories they let him understand to seek another place for this. They had enough of his bragging, they weren’t interested. So he brought his rant to the blogs of some of the clients on my wall of shame. Matt Wilkie, Christopher “aka” Chris Bennetts and Tim Potter.

He signed the pact of hell with them, but his schizophrenic  hallucinations ordered him to do better. Write his own blogs. And he did. About what? About Evan Iliadis, his personality developer, the guy who found him vagabonding with other stranded sexpats selling lies to naive Filipinos “as to who they were back in the first world” and how much they care about the Filipino people.

What is he writing? Copy and paste jobs! His hallucinations prevent him to make the difference between those who really care to clean up the place of parasites like him by calling them “stalkers”.

To his advantage, this permits him to pile up pages and pages portraying himself as a “victim”. In line with another side of his multiple personality disorders. Narcissistic personality disorder. More on that in the next entry. Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?
More on that in the next entry.

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