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 Guenther Vomberg Hello and welcome again. As you can see, the quality of the content of this blog is getting better and better! Because doing things “by the book” is a must to succeed. Remember the suggestion of our master illuminate Chris Bennetts right? No? You don’t remember? Let’s put it one more time.



USING THE POWER OF RIDICULE! Such a magic word! I never thought of that! Thanks to the Masters I now do.. I don’t know if they are happy with my work, hopefully will elevate me to the Supreme illuminate master grade and be a member of the Middle Chamber. I can’t wait to learn the secret words and stories unfold, as I have now become a trusted  Illuminate. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
End of the delirium, back to the real world. EVANILIADIS-INFO.ILLUMINATES

In the previous entry, I posted a few screenshots of the newly launched book about stalkers and that kind of things, I was asked to comment on, I did so but did not finish it. Let’s continue where we stopped. Let’s post the next excerpt from the book.


Wow! A lot of promises here lol!! Let’s take paragraph after paragraph will be much better to understand the offer. 

The first question comes to my mind is “Where did they learn to track down stalkers?” They had never had to do that because the “stalker” Evan Iliadis has signed every single entry he posted on them. Some say They are not detectives but a band of crooks. Oh well, people say all kinds of gossips now days so don’t take it seriously. But you see, doesn’t look good because people want to know their “technics” before they put their credit card on line and order it. We’ll see…

Next paragraph:

Yeah? Really? I received a mail from someone telling me he was laughing when he read that because he said he has tried anything to convince FB and YT to remove some negative comments and failed. Hundreds of mails complaining went out, no one cared.. But maybe Christopher Bennetts and Guenther Vomberg learned some “how to” secrets in the Lodges they belong! Who knows! The Illuminates governs the world Folks! They know everything, they can move mountains if they want!!!. But us, common people let’s move on to our business…

Next paragraph:


Well, to verify that I Google the whole thing and what I saw isn’t quite what they claim. For example, when I Google Evan Iliadis a bunch of sites came up with hard to believe stories. To which Evan doesn’t care he’s not living from the internet. But when I google his “victims” everything supposedly was removed was there!
I just Google “Christopher aka Chris Bennetts” (one of the authors) and look what I got right on the first page


Same for the next 3 pages! He’s all over! So? If he can’t remove his, how he will yours? Should we call him a liar? Yeah? OK let’s go then! 




I also Googled “Guenther Vomberg Philippines” Same thing!.. Look below:Screen-shot-2013-07-18-at-20

He’s doing a tiny bit better that his co-author -co-liar Chris Bennetts. He has been able to squeeze one or two of his “anti Evan sites” in the first page but not for long! “Stalkers” know better SEO than crooks! Let’s greet him!


Next paragraph:


Before people buy the book, they ask about the authors’ experience which was the motif in the first place for writing the book. You don’t mention much. What’s your “stalker” wanted from you? Did he ask for any money? Blackmailed you? Extorting you? Is he a competitor on any of your business and by discrediting you his business will benefit? Were you ever involved in any partnership with him that later turned sour, or had you any contact at all with him while he was living in the Philippines? I’m sure you will answer No! To all of that.

Which brings us to the next question: Why he’s “stalking” you? Evan and others say it’s because you fit the perfect scum sexpat scammer polluting an already polluted country (Philippines). You perfectly fit the profile of those rejected from the first world, inapt to comply with peace and order, preferring lawless countries in the third world to satisfy your perversions and sadistic behavior towards the locals. Those locals that Evan has strong family and friendship ties   How Evan knows that? Chris Bennetts told him! (Philippines escape). Indeed, he can’t go home. An undesirable alien to his own country. 

Let’s take a break, will be back shortly

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