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Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation is waiting for you in FB. What is happening here? Have you given up to your buddies? They are looking for you in the Facebook where Matt is throwing a party with Christopher Bennets plus one or two similar but doesn’t sparkle up! They need your help!

Let me tell you what’s going on: Not that I’m a stalker, you know I’m not, but I felt my duty is to warn you about competition coming on your way! Matt is writing a book! Have you heard about? No? Well, here is what he said:

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation


Let’s put the text also so we can comment between the sentences, so well written and full of common sense! We can’t miss that lol!

Matt Wilkie said:
“6 years in the Philippines – I am about to write an ebook on how i have managed to stay in the Philippines so long without a pension. Just after some feedback on who else would be interested in reading this type of book.”

To be honest, there is no risque the net gets congested with people waiting in line to be the first putting their credit card. Besides, he’s blacklisted on PayPal because of fraud raising money pretending is for the typhoon victims. It wasn’t. Now, assuming he gives it out for free, just for the heck of generating a bit of a talk about his persona as the doctor ordered for his therapy, do you think will find takers? Nop! Because those who know him know how he survived, those who don’t they will shortly, by ways and means he wanted to “promote” Perry Gamsby’s books on line. Something like this:

Matt wilkie on Perry's books

 Click on the image above or Here to read the whole thing. (PDF file) Very informative.

 Here is also how he tried to put Paul Petreas’ forum out of business, instead is his that has gone away forever, the only trace you can find is here 

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Click on the image or Here to see more on how Matt does the trick of surviving in the PH  for 6 years without a pension.

Next paragraph:

“This will very likely be my one and only book about the Philippines as simply we are moving on so fast these days and things changed so much from 2007. The main reason i am doing it is for interest of those who knew us back then as many things i never wrote about in my blog. As things have developed it gets harder to write for safety reasons. We are about to progress a lot more than we did in previous years and as such many things are going to fall completely silent as we move into a new phase of life.”

Enigmatic, mysterious Matt Wilkie as always? Let me translate this for you: What he means is, now days, with stalkers flocking around it’s harder and harder to write whatever we like for safety reasons. It seems like this stalker Evan Iliadis has actually put some order on the darknet. Domain names changed ownership overnight, posts in the forums deleted, profiles erased or “corrected” blogs “reorganized” or disappeared all together, so did pictures and statements. You Guenther Vomberg know that from your own experience don’t you? Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

This week I bought a new Mac, one of those we say “once you go Mac you never go back” then while cleaning the old one of junk files and mails I stumbled upon one that had forgotten is here. It’s a mail received from Matt Wilkie, again, your good friend and partner Matt Wilkie. It’s a long story to explain everything in the story, (Noticed? Simple English!) would not even mention it to you, but as it turned out you are concerned, you should know. After all what friends are for?

Let’s take a look at the mail first. I’ll post a section, then the link where you can read it in its entirety.

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Click on the image to read the mail  or Click Here 

Briefly, Matt Wilkie complaint to me about “my American friend” that is harassing him on the forums and blogs he owned, instead he would be better off “taking care” of someone named Andrew Sharpe owner of a bar in Cebu.
Discussing this mail with “an American friend” knowledgeable of the night low life in Cebu, he directed me to an Andrew FB page to find out he’s your friend. Having first hand experience, none of your friends on FB are just that. You have some kind of connection with them. Let’s take a look on the FB page.

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation


So? Guenther? What’s up? Is Matt Wilkie telling the truth about the guy? Is he the peddler as described by Matt and the only thing links you to him is the same as with Chris Bennetts? I personally don’t know anything about this guy, neither do any of “my American friends. Matt wilkie the detective seems to know better. How about you?Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation


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