May 10

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Hi Guenther, sorry to disturb you again, but we got a serious problem, (again), with our common friend Matt Wilkie. 

In a new blog he published on Google’s blogspot had some one interviewed  him on a tell-all  story about his life, past current and future. A long interview that as soon as it hit the waves got already 200 readers! Imagine? TWO HUNDRED READERS! The problem is, no one read what he said in this interview about this stalker Evan Iliadis. Read it yourself.

From Matt Wilkie: “I had started uploading articles yesterday and already nearly 200 people have read the articles on this new site. What is most interesting is the one you would assume people would read has zero viewers which is the one relating to Evan Iliadis.” Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

There is also another problem. We don’t know who the interviewer was! Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

The guy said that he can’t disclose his name because of fear being another victim of Evan. Maybe a sexpat? A scammer? Probably. I don’t see any body else been afraid of Evan..Anyway, back to the subject, someone rebutting Matt Wilkie’s assertions and inaccuracies about his life, tried at the same time to figure out who the interviewer was and why he should be afraid of Evan.

A request for information sent to my friends and informants did not produce any result. Then, suddenly, someone, an anonymous person sent a message with an attachment  containing 2 pictures and just the words “Larry King LiveGuenther Vomberg. “That was all he wrote. Here are the pictures: What do you think? Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

A few gossipers familiar with the interview they say that the guy who this stalker Evan said is Larry King, is not! We hired an anthropologist to figure out if the 2 persons on the pictures are different persons, and guess what the answer was: No! He, the anthropologist, said that is you! You interviewed Matt Wilkie. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

This makes sense, because not once Matt Wilkie mentioned your name as he should, alliance oblige, unlike Tim Potter and Chris Bennetts he mentioned them two times. Wondering why is that. Your buddy, your brother in arms, one that helped you so much, one that you were the first to comment on his sites fueling his rants against Evan daily, suddenly you went underground. We haven’t seen you on Matt FB, unlike Chris Bennetts that honors both of you. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Whatever it is, I think you should go and take a look. A lot of diarrhea! He beat you by far, even on your hey days in the Living in Cebu forums. Read that from his blog.

Matt Wilkie moved to the Philippines in 2007 and currently back in the United Kingdom. Matt Wilkie is currently researching moving to Spain. I asked him today what are his plans long-term. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

Matt Wikie response:

“Right now we have several options open to us and I have emailed the Spanish embassy requesting assistance on moving to Spain. The reason I have chosen Spain is that although its got few job opportunities it has what matters EU citizenship for the family and Western education.

Being educated in Spain sort of taking things half between the UK and the Philippines as the Philippines was formally under Spanish rule. Does it bother my wife? The answer is no lets face it, this wasn’t done yesterday! Me and my wife are more interested in trying the seafood of Spain and Greece than complaining about a history that is well history. (In the meanwhile, the wife has to eat salted fish and rice).”

I am however thinking ahead and if we can get Spain setup the way I want it, we should continue to have a good life in Spain as well as develop my career in the UK. You see Alicante to Glasgow/London costs as much as Birmingham to Glasgow or London to Glasgow if not cheaper. As long as my company agrees to cover the expense, then we should be living the Spanish lifestyle put on a UK salary. Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

The call center is on the back burner right now, Aileen will continue to work and develop things in the Philippines but I am having to put things on pause at the moment as I can’t manage any more projects. Although capable of multi tasking I am a strong believer in that you can do many things badly and only one thing well at a time. So it can wait as it’s all paid for and lets get Spain underfoot before we revisit the Philippines. Adding to that we are going to be starting an online shopping business as well as wholesaler”.

You read that Guenther? He’s going to Spain! How about you? He’s dreaming about Spain day after day, hour after hour minute after minute. He’s dreaming sitting in a tavern in Greece trying the seafood! He has several videos takes during his conversation with the voices, here is one:

I hope you don’t feel any inferiority complex because Matt Wilkie has an empire in the Philippines permitting his a luxury life style in the West, as oppose to you, have to work on the ships as a cook to make a living. Keep up the good work Guenther. When is the next interview? Who? Chris Bennetts? I’ll be waiting… How about Tim Potter? Next on the list? 

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blog

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