Feb 24

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Thousands have seen the picture below taken from his Facebook in public view, therefore making it available to anyone for using it under the “fair use” policy. In our case, we are more in right to diffuse this picture, provided Guenther Vomberg is lying on his statement  that he’s employed by the Cebu Provincial Government. 

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

In his poor defense Guenther Vomberg claims that the photo is fake, it was never seen in his FB timeline and is a fabrication of Evan Iliadis. No one buys it anymore. After he mislead Google, Go Daddy, WordPress and Chilling Effects convincing them to remove some photos and pages from Evan’s sites is now back and in order, it will remain that way from now on. Because they all understood the lie. Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Now, he’s trying to scam Germans by selling them a bogus guide about cyberstalking trolls and the like. He translated a “book” originally written by Christopher Bennetts and Perry Gamsby in English to German for the German market.

In this book, all you’ll read about is myths, how these peddlers  were “stalked” by Evan Iliadis, “victims of Evan Iliadis” and similar rants just to steal your money. You don’t need their book folks. Keep your money and save your time for something else. If you’re really interested, you can have it for free, just google, the following.

Da Guenther Vomberg scam - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Da Guenther Vomberg scam – Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg Philippines, Christopher Bennetts Philippines, Perry Gamsby Philippines, Tim Potter Philippines, car the center of “ze book” is about their low life in this country and the purpose of writing it is to take vengeance on Evan Iliadis. Still interested? Here is how the book looks like. Da Guenther Vomberg scam


 How to deal with all forms of online harassment? There isn’t harassment. It’s a naming and shaming  crusade towards white collar criminals operating in the Philippines. Stay out of crooked business and the “stalkers” will go away. Someone got to the dirty job, isn’t it? You have been unpunished for years. It’s payoff time. Da Guenther Vomberg scam 


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