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Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Friends are forever. United for the best and worst, as fit. There are friends and friends, meaning true friendship, or circumstantial, forced, partnering with evil, even selling his soul to hell, often for trivial reasons, decisions made lightly that contribute to a faster drowning that the initial reason one thought will escape. At least, that’s what Guenther Vomberg thought.  Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

How he end up on Christopher’s Bennets world? In a mail sent to Evan Iliadis he said that it was for the need to defend himself against Evan’s attaques on the net. Matt Wilkie said the same thing. Same for Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas.

All of them know Christopher’s Bennetts sinister record in the Philippines and the S/E Asia in general.

Looking at their profile, statements and posts here and there I was wondering, are they really different? A forced alliance or a perfect match?

Perfect no, similarities and same motivations of migrating to the Philippines, definitely YES. Let’s repeat what Christopher Bennetts said about the expats living in the Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

Philippines Escape (Chris Bennetts screen name on LICF.) Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

  • Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

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    Posted 30 September 2008 – 10:21 AM

     Christopher Bennetts said:
    “I have lived in Cebu for around 3 years and met many of the expats. There are a few good guys here but I have to say the majority are not worth knowing.
    Philippines seems to be a refuge for people running away from problems or life in general. People that can not make it back home.A while ago I made the mistake of befriending one such guy who at first seemed to be intelligent and genuine.
    I have since found out that this guy moves from one person to another leaving a trail of destruction in terms of relationships, abuse, broken promises and destroyed lives.Maybe he has no real life of his own so he likes to get into others people’s lives and mess them around just to prove he can. He thinks he is a psychologist and will tell you so.
    What he loves is to mess around in people’s heads playing mind games.If you have a girl friend he will try to take her away from you. Not because he actually wants her for himself but simply to prove to himself that he can.
    Some he will have sex with and others he will just make problems between the couple feeding them any personal information that might have been confided between two mates to cause them to break up. He even fabricates blatant lies.
    I will not talk about how he has messed around in my life and with my friends but here are some examples of how he works.There was a waitress is gecko bar when it was still just a resto–bar. She had a job and a serious Australian fiancee.
    This guy worked on her drinking at geckos every day and finally arranging to meet her at Julianos after work. Eventually they would go out more and more. He stated to teach her to binge drink.He then introduced her to shabu.
    He told me that once a girl is on that they are under his control. He made her resign her job. He told her that she would have to choose between her fiance and him. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion
    I asked him why he was making her break up with her fiancee as he had not intention of marrying her himself and he said to me that he just feels like that and can not help himself (something to that effect).
    I actually do not know the end of that story as I stopped associating with him soon after except that just a month or so later he is no longer with her and staying with a girl who he had been seeing at the same time anyway.
    He has got this new girl on Shabu also. I know this girl and I can see her whole life collapsing around her. She said to me two nights ago that she had lost everything.
    This guy also physically and mentally abuses women. When he is with a woman he controls her forbidding her to talk to other guys. The current girl has a computer and internet but he says she is not allowed to go online. G
    The above are just a couple of examples of this guy. Not even the tip of the iceberg. He is known to an increasing number of foreigners that want to see this skum deported.How to recognize him. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion
    He is Australian and 34 years old. He has lived in Cebu for around 3 years. He is around 6′ tall with fair complexion. He has ear rings.In the past he has associated more with foreigners but increasingly he drinks at local establishments and hangs with locals. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion
    He is a chronic alcoholic who if he has slept at all will starting drinking early in the morning and continue to the early hours of the morning without any break.He is also a shabu addict. One look at his left arm says it all. Lots of deep cuts requiring stitches which I am told is the tell tail sing of an addict on bad trip.
    I have not seen him for a few weeks but I am told that now he has painted his toe nails black.This combination of alcohol and drugs is making him increasingly unpredictable and violent. I have seen him first hand and heard
    Numerous stories of him switching like a Dr Jackal / Mr Hide.
    His abuse is almost always directed at women. He never fights guys.He is disliked by most bar girls around Cebu who he uses to obtain shabu. He turns on them with out warning sometimes physically abuses them for no apparent reason.

    He was living in Cebu but recently transferred to Mactan. Almost forgot to mention. He has a thing for young girls. He is always looking for slim petite young girls. I have seen him with girls as young as 14. What makes it worse is his desire not only to abuse them sexually but also corrupt them with alcohol and drugs.This is a guy to avoid and hopefully karma will come to him soon. I am adding some pics of him i have been givenAttached File  deansh1.jpg   25.63KB   85 downloadsAttached File  deansh2.jpg   29.66KB   102 downloadsAttached File  deansh3.jpg  24.55KB   74 downloads”

    Christopher Bennetts on living in Cebu forums. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    This is just the tip of the iceberg that unmasks a peddler migrating to the Phoilippines. No one was convinced that Christophers’ Bennetts didn’t know who his best friend was at the time, but discovered it when Dean Marston was sleeping with his girlfriend. Absurd! Not that he was in love with her or he cared about the little boy had together. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Let’s see what Dean Marston said about his accuser.
    Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Christopher Bennetts appears in several sites holding this baby claiming is his son with a girlfriend named Ruby,that she dumbed him when she had the proof that he’s a pedophile, a cruel pornographer specialized on hard core porn movies, humiliating and disgusting. One of his closest friends had to say this:

    Posted by: DeanMarston Nov 17 2008, 05:08 PM

    “Thanks to some of the people who know the real truth at livingincebu and let me know about this thread. (You can read the rest below or go to the original statement) read Dean Marston’s the original statement here. ) “I am being set up by Chris Bennetts and his friends. A lot of people will back me up that the real criminal here is Chris Bennetts. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    So please don’t believe the black picture that Chis Bennetts is trying to paint of me. Since he had no problem posting my picture and even going as far as paying for that SunStar ad I am going to give everyone information on him so people can know the real truth. Chris Bennetts is the man running pornographic LBFM websites featuring Filipinas, some who are underage.

    I have pictures to prove it that he used to post on his mensasiantravelexploits and Angeles Bar websites. (Business information deleted by Paul.) People here in the Philippines are aware on his actions and he was even reported that he and his wife Antonieth ( at the time ) opened a Dance Studio on Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    His wife at the time was serious about the studio but Chris had other intentions. Chris did even know he was reported to have been inviting other older men to come and watch the young girls dance in their underwear and was reported to have been taking pictures of the young girls that he proudly showed his friends.

    During the day Christopher Bennetts tries to come off as an upstanding businessman and community member, but at night his a demented person who takes advantage of young underage girls. In the last 3 years Christopher Bennetts has become member of the Rotary Club of Mactan and has made a lot of influential friends who are involved in politics who he could use as protection is he is ever investigated. Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion

    Chris and I spent a lot of time together and I am 100 percent sure he is part of an international underage pornographic syndicate. Who specialize in making pornographic videos and pictures of young Filipina girls and boys”. This, is not an anonymous post, is from some one that knows very well Chris Bennetts. You can read Dean Marston’s the original statement here.”

    Read more about the story

    Because I have a life, it’s dinner time now, a sacred moment with the family. I’ll be back later, there will be much more about this entry.

    Guenther Vomberg Chris Bennetts reunion