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Oct 03

Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg Google days. Guenther Vomberg Google days.A lot of activity lately on my stats from Google flying to the rescue of Guenther Vomberg to remove guenthervomberg.com from the search engine. As expected, in compliance with an order from the European courts for the “right to be forgotten”  Google did so and removed certain pages from this …

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Dec 12


Guenther Vomberg cyber-nightmares Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines is very busy.Not with what you think, like expanding his business or rescuing people from Pablo typhoon or posting on the Living in Cebu forums. No, nothing like that. He put himself in a deep sh…hole and doesn’t know how to come out.  Guenther lives in total …

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