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Feb 25

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.

Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame.Guenther Vomberg is mad at Evan Iliadis. He feels that is a victim of a crazy guy that has nothing else to do than writing blogs about him and his “friends” True? Be the judge.Guenther Vomberg on the wall of shame. The reason Evan put him on the hit …

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Jan 05

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation

Matt Wilkie Chris Bennetts Invitation is waiting for you in FB. What is happening here? Have you given up to your buddies? They are looking for you in the Facebook where Matt is throwing a party with Christopher Bennets plus one or two similar but doesn’t sparkle up! They need your help! Let me tell you what’s going …

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Dec 18

Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic

Lambaste this bastard, this ugly in & out German national  that hasn’t shown any compassion to this dying man Kevin Taylor in prison for 4 years  without trial, whether guilty or not. Guenther Vomberg has done it often and again to kiss government’s ass snitching foreigners just on hearsay. Guenther Vomberg-Lambaste the Schizophrenic! Like his …

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